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Celebreating 2 Years

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This issue of Get This Wisdom Magazine celebrates more than one thing. It not only spotlights our 2nd year anniversary but our new look as well. On the cover of this issue we decided to honor one of our communities greatest voices Erykah Badu through creative expression. We have pages full of Black Excellence for you to enjoy and also gain some wisdom from. Thank you for supporting Get This Wisdom Magazine



If you’re a “conscious” music Junkie and you want that heat then one Artist you can’t sleep on is Nolaj. Nolaj is Jalon spelled backwards.

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What the Fox?

n August 16th, 2018 as news spread like wildfire Ms. Franklin had died, every news platform began to make their announcement. To our surprise one of the biggest news platforms made one HUGE mistake

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Get This Wisdom™ is Black News, Black Media,
Black Business, REALLY BLACK!™

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